Our aim is always to be in collaboration with you - the event manager / organiser. We believe the key to any successful function is the presentation of staff and their ability to feel comfortable and proud of the garments they are working in. Event managers might have a particular focus for the event and our sole aim to make the correct recommendation from our range to make it happen. The ability to exchange ideas and understand the concept is a sure way to get the job done correctly - If the staff 'have the look of the season' tailored with your idea, we have  successed.

We understand events are just part of the picture that revolves around your job. Getting and maintaining clients is half the battle!  offering gift packages is great way to sound out encourage more activity. We have many options to offer!

Hudstar Duds is your choice for quality branding at competitive pricing and speed of delivered products. Let us knew your needs and branding requirements and we will get back to you asap