Our Journey through life has had its twists and turn, for better or worse. From our earliest memories to the current predicaments we found our selves in, all have had a say on our visual creations we harbour through Hudstarduds. One of our fondest memories was running and playing in the waters of  Shoreham Beach located a short drive from our home. The burning Sun with its beams of light hitting the crystal waters of the foreshore and the glare bouncing off the brown and black rock cliffs. We wished our new creation to reflect these elements through the different shades of blues in the waters, and earthy tones of the surrounding cliffs, The apron had to be light in weight as we remember the cool wind hitting the sand as the sun was going away for another day. The fabric had to be soft, yet rigid enough to withstand constant use. Hence the Shoreham Apron was born

Ice Blue and Sky Blue