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Hudstarduds Tatts

The art of tattooing involves many different layers of skill and experience. We understand tattooing is not just placing ink marks on the body, but rather seen as "the second skin" desired by its owner.Often the artist within expresses his/her take on their clients its mandatory that listen to the many Artists out there and  develop a range worthy of their talents. We only use the finest leathers and metal elements to build our aprons. Of course no two aprons are alike, so we are able to alter them to the clients wishes. Add a pocket here or there, just let us know. We believe the style and aesthetic of every and each Hudstarduds Leather Apron will last the test of time and become a treasured item of its owner. So let ​ knew what you would like on your customised leather  apron below

Leather Aprons Hudstarduds

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