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Australian made

Hudstar Duds
The Lumberjack is Australian Made using Heavy Weight 100% cotton oil skin fabric, of which is used to make Stockman Coats.Fabric is water resistant with wool fabric lining for comfort for the wearer.Quality silver locks and brass eyelets for strength and durability. Comfort is further enhanced with Italian elastic strapping positioned around the neck. Waist strapping is made from oilskin fabric with waist adjustment secured to the body of the apron by brass studs. Top pocket and botton pockets fixed with brass studs enhancing the yester-year of the original oilskin aprons . All studs are hand hammered. One size fits all. Colour Brown and Black. Care: clean with cold damp cloth, no detergent or bleach. Do not dryclean or tumble dry. Maintain original quality with oilskin proofer spray as used on oilskin coats. One sizes fits most.
Lumbarjack Apron

Hand tailored in our Thornbury workshops with oilskin and wool fabrics

Waist straps made from oilskin fabric 

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