The Billy Joe. The workhorse of the Hudstarduds stable of aprons. THe classic apron re-invented for the modern work place

Large top and bottom pockets for the hustle and bustle of  your work place 

Billy Joe Apron. Function and modern design wrapped into our most popular apron. Designed with a modern full length adjustable neck strap with silver components for quick fit. Centrally located top and Botton pockets with generous space for busy work spaces. Generous waist straps. Our choice of light-weight poly-cotton fabric unique and developed by the Hudstarduds team, was the ideal solution for the Billy Joe. Our choice of colour had to reflect the urban environments to which attract individuals to your uniforms choices.Hence the Billy Joe's colours are Carmel,Sharp Black,Charcaoland green. Care: Hand Wash in cold water or machine wash and air dry. Do not dry clean or industrial wash. One size fits most. Embroidery Service.


Quality weight canvas fabric with modern neck strapping with silver components worn Oxford short sleeve shirt

Simply waist strapping for  quick release 


The Billy Joe's Unique Charcoal has made it a popular choice for our loyal customers

Paired with simple womens t-shirt, the Billy Joe brings a professional and modern look your staff


Forest Green can be matched with many clothing options to match your unique branding requirements as seen with our short sleeve polo

Side View

Simple tie knot adjusts the waist strapping