The Maddison's neck strap has been designed to be simple and comfortable for the wearer

Top pocket and two bottom pockets for placed for easy retrival of tools teamed with long sleeve oxford shirt

The durability of denim has always been attraction that we love about our Hudstarduds aprons, with the Maddison being one of unique and popular creations. The soft but durable cotton neck strap ensures a quick 
release of the garment with easy adjustable lengthening of the strap. Precise pocket position to ensure your
tools of the trade are readily available at an instant with two deep side pockets and one top pocket. Cotton waisting is sewn permanently on the body of the apron. Dress it up or down so that you achieve your perfect uniform requirements. Colours: Navy, Sky Blue, Charcoal, Black and White. Care: Hand Wash in cold water or machine wash and air dry. Do not dry clean or industrial wash. One size fits most. Embroidery Service.

Navy Maddison with long sleeve Oxford Shirt


Missouri white short sleeve polo with sky blue Maddison apron

Cotton waist strapping in black


Charcoal Maddison Apron teamed up with Oxford long sleeve shirt in white


Maddison's black on black is a sure winner 

Constructed from quality denim and brass fixtures for add strength


Stand out in the crowd with the contracting colours of the navy Oxford long sleeve and white Maddison

White on  white neck and waist strapping mixed with contracting navy long sleeve Oxford Shirt